Pricing & Sales

We provide upfront pricing and truthful sales with no gimmicks, fake discounts, or high-pressure sales techniques.

We At Enchantment Windows and Doors, our owners and team have decades of industry experience. We have seen how most other Window and Doors suppliers play gimmicky games and use high-pressure sales tactics to get customers. We don’t like to play games of smoke and mirrors and know that our honest, straightforward pricing and superior product can beat the competition. 

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We encourage you to get other quotes and experience the Enchantment difference. 

Front door, wood, glass and iron, curved windows at entryway

Our Sales Philosophy

No Fake Discount Games

Our pricing to our customers is straightforward no haggle and no confusing fake discounts. The standard in this type of business is for a window/door company to mark up the service/product as high as they can to try to sell a customer at the number. This is done by marking up to an unreasonable profit and then throwing fake discounts to the customer, hoping they sign that day.

Is it really 20% Off? 

Many window companies start with a 20% discount during the initial quoting process. This fake discount was built in just as fluff, and there really is no discount. If the consumer does not immediately sign a contract with the 20% fake discount, the sales representative will lower the fake discount by 10% or more. We don’t like this high-pressure game at Enchantment.

No Smoke & Mirrors

Our business philosophy is not based on the smoke and mirrors of offering made-up discounts. We would rather be upfront, not fake, and offer a reasonable price upfront during the quoting process. There is no pressure for our clients to buy on our first visit, mainly because we do not like to be pressured to buy things ourselves.

We Respect Our Customers

We respect that our clients can make their own decisions on the very important purchase after they have all the facts that we present them with regarding our company, our products and services. Everyone wants to feel that they are getting a great deal at the end of the day but that feeling shouldn’t be tainted by fake discounts.

What to expect at your sales quote appointment 

A woman and a man sitting at a kitchen island with a window in the background
Window and door education regarding how to buy and energy efficient windows or doors and not overpay.
Details of our windows and doors brands, models, and energy efficiency.
Answers to questions that you may have regarding our company, products, and services.
About 30 minutes of your time to see your home or building to take measurements and get detailed information for an accurate quote.

Appointment duration times can vary depending on the scope of work and the questions you may have.